Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lapinpolthajat - Wahlroosin Unelma LP, Rajoitus - Hardcore Attack 1995 LP, Hazard/Fight Back 12", V/A Grito Suburbano comp 12"

LAPINPOLTHAJAT - Wahlroosin Unelma 12" 
(Finland, 2012 - Kamaset Levyt/Roku/Shogun)

I have no idea why I waited so long to get this, I can't think of any valid excuse. If you liked their first LP as I did, you are sure to love this one. It is shorter in length, but dare I say it is even better? It is in a similar vein of catchy early 80s Finnish hardcore punk but with leftist political, sarcastic and fucked up lyrics. Imagine LAMA with APPENDIX catchiness as far as sound goes. I had to ask a Finnish friend for clarification on the first LP's lyrics because I couldn't tell if they were being xenophobic or mocking people with those attitudes in one song. A fun fact, in asking this, he let me know that the band name references the Nazi Germany bombing of Lapland. Some of the lyrics have a pretty witty Born Against feel where you can't always read between the sarcasm at first read...and others just seem to be a little out there:

"The bong bubbles and the new Diskelmä
plays in the background
High on mushrooms, colors pulsate to the rhythm
The child support could buy a new bass
unless the money is not spent at the bar"

A little ditty called "Greetings From Berlin." I don't want to make it sound like I am discounting the lyrics, saying they are nonsense, since they actually seem to be about serious subjects like love, poverty and bad situations people can sometimes find themselves in, due to ill planned child rearing. I just love that there is a song that mentions a bubbling bong and Diskelmä in the same line. The lyrics are all actually pretty charming to me as they point out all the crazy stuff around us in our everyday lives that we normally think of as mundane. Anyway, I kind of got off track there. Fantastic record, I love this band, too bad more people in the U.S. aren't into them. 

HAZARD / FIGHT BACK - Realities Of Hardcore Punk split 12"
(Japan/Japan, 2012/2010 - Kick Rock/Bloodsucker)

HOLY SHIT does the FIGHT BACK side rage! Just ignore that the cover art looks like an XBOX game and put this sucker on the turntable. Hails to Befa of Kick Rock records for making this a vinyl release (the CD was originally released in 2010 by the great Blood Sucker label). Tight and fast as hell Japanese hardcore with Tokurow from BASTARD on vocals. Do I really need to say more? Fans of 90s Japanese hardcore don't miss out. The HAZARD side is good, but the FIGHT BACK side is what's up.

RAJOITUS - Hardcore Attack 1995 12"
(Sweden, 1995 - Distortion)

The Swedish band singing in Finnish combo is unbeatable. This band just sounds so god damn MEAN, I highly recommend the 2nd LP released by Hardcore Holocaust (2005) and the 3rd LP released by Putrid Filth Conspiracy (2008). Noooo it's not your mysterious, paper thin treble record band, this is burly hardcore that just keeps slapping your face with an icy hand over and over again. This first LP is a little different than the next 2, but it has a cool raw lof-fi sound that the others don't have. Not my favorite record of theirs, but still cool to get, I am still missing their first 7" and a couple splits.

V/A GRITO SUBURBANO - compilation 12"
(Brazil, 1984/1982 - New Face)

This is the third press (I believe) of this cool Brazilian comp I bought from a friend. The true winner here is OLHO SECO. Of course the whole comp is great, but OLHO SECO's guitar sound is so caustic and feral on these tracks.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

INFEST - Slave 12" OTD

I had this photo sitting on my desktop, might as well post it up on here. In the early 90s, I thought Miner was insane for buying this record at a NYC store for $20, I probably mocked him for it. It was the cool 2nd press blue/toothpaste version with blue on one side and the toothpaste color on the other. At that time, new HC LPs were $5, so $20 was kinda nuts. Years later, I was the one with the egg on my face, because I didn't own this record until the Draw Blank/Deep Six repress came out 14 years later.  >:(

Fast forward another 10 years, my sins having been paid/cleansed, I finally get the record. This is a nice little collage of an INFEST cosmic blast that all came together due to universal alignment. The poster was bought separately, this is the black vinyl version of the first pressing, I believe the mail order color vinyl versions only came with the poster.

Of course the shirt is not original (sorry, Joe D/Matt D) but I could not resist. I guess most people now know that INFEST is playing Maryland Death Fest and Chaos In Tejas this year (2013), better get in the merch line now.

By the late 90s, I had grown very tired of all the bands barking up INFEST's tree and failing miserably...but this band's greatness can not be denied! This LP should be in every household...kind of like a toaster oven. Beware the bootlegs, there were some made to look like the pressing you see here.

Go here for the ultimate INFEST maniac blog:

5 / 5 bells

CHERIE CURRIE - Beauty's Only Skin Deep LP & CHERIE CURRY AND MARIE CURRIE - Messin' With The Boys LP

CHERIE CURRIE - Beauty's Only Skin Deep LP
(Mercury - Phonogram//France, 1977)

I don't really know what to say about these. I picked these up tonight from Dreadful Sounds Recordshop in Columbus. Obviously bought for the RUNAWAYS connection. For Beauty's Only Skin Deep I was hoping for some catchy glam rock since Fowley was involved in the songwriting, but this is a bizarre pop rock record that sounds like THE CARPENTERS were a main influence (who I love, for the record). Cherie's sister does some backing vocals on one song. I believe Cherie was still a teenager at this point...cover is Pedo-Bear approved.

(Capitol - EMI//USA, 1979)

I think I actually like Messin' With The Boys more, Cherie's sister Marie has a bigger role and pretty much sings on every song. This is basically an 80s rock sounding record, but has a driving feel through the whole record with some somewhat heavy guitars (if you put them up against 80s FLEETWOOD MAC or something like that). It's pretty catchy and might be something good to clean the house to, but I don't think I will saying "FUCK YEAH, HAVE YOU HEARD MESSIN' WITH THE BOYS?! RAGING!" Whatever, kinda cool records for RUNAWAYS fans.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

CROSTA - Nus A La Gola 12"

CROSTA - Nus A La Gola 12"
(Self Released?//Spain)

This came out a little while ago, time to get some stuff filed away.

When I heard the comparisons this Spanish punk group were getting I had no choice but to track this down...THE MOB (UK), CRISIS, etc. The packaging is very nice, uncoated stock with a thick inner sleeve and simple but sharp looking lyric sheet with translations. This is a nice record, but personally I think it would have gone a long way if the guitar playing was a little more interesting. The vocals, lyrics, sound and dark vibe of the record are great, but I think in the end, this is lacking in the memorability department. I will be very curious to hear more from this band, with a few tweaks, they could be unstoppable! 6 songs.

3.5 / 5 bells

ILEGAL - El Aire Libre Fuera De Los Dientes Del Monstruo Tirano Canibal 12"

ILEGAL - El Aire Libre Fuera De Los Dientes Del Monstruo Tirano Canibal 12"
(La Vida Es Un Mus//UK)

This is one the cooler looking records that I have seen in a little while. I like the ripped paper style artwork and fold out cover. I think this record could go unappreciated to some people if they don't sit and have a real good listen or only listen a few times. The recording, in its low-fi glory kind of masks the unique raging style and songs of this band, but the more I listen to this record the more things I find that I like about it. There's a bit of the manic Italian 80s HC feel that gives this Canadian band a stand out quality that sets them apart from your regular noisenheimer dribble. This is great HC, not for the trendy. Track down their previous EPs if you love this record.

4 / 5 bells


(Iron Lung Records//USA)

I loved this Seattle hardcore band's first EP and this 12" was everything I wanted it to be, even considering that there is a new vocalist. This 10 song record has a great flow to it, you get the feeling that these songs were all carefully crafted with the goal of putting out a record that is meant to be seen as a singular piece...with just the right amount of tempo changes and textures. I get a big MECHT MENSCH vibe and that's just fine by me. Of course the Matt Adis artwork is great. I really can't find anything bad to say about this record!

For now, only the record release versions are out there (#'d out of 75), but I understand the plan is to have the record available for the masses by the time they play their east coast US shows in the early part of 2013.

4.5 / 5 bells

Friday, July 13, 2012

SATAN'S SATYRS-Wild Beyond Belief LP
(2012,Trash King Productions//USA)
Im gonna jump back in the fire to review this LP before Solar D gets ahold of it. SATAN'S SATYRS hail from northern Virginia and it looks like its one guy playing all the instruments. This rock n roll weirdo goes by the name Claythanas, and I hope he lives in his mom's basement. Burnt and blown-out horror psych. Super catchy fuzz riffing with intense wah-wah axe soloing. The vocals are spewed and the organs are crude.  Don't detect any direct influences, but I bet dude dosed on Blue Cheer, Venom and Misfits a few times. At first I thought they sounded like Midnight, but S.S. has a more '60s helter skelter vibe and drumming style that sets them apart from more "metal" acts. Top notch shit right here. Heavy duty LP jacket with cool '60s biker horror poster for your wall in mom's basement. Another hit from Trash King out of DC.
4.5 / 5 bells

7/28 RATFACE show in Columbus

july 28th
9:00 $5

RATFACE (pgh rawpunx, jimmy rose from annihilation time)
biff boff barf
lights out

Thursday, July 5, 2012

HUMAN POWER - Human Power? 7"

HUMAN POWER - Human Power? 7"
(2012, Blindead Productions//Sweden)
Sent to me from Blindead, this is a fun project band with a modern take on G.I.S.M., recorded in 2004. This EP was originally released in a low quantity (200, I believe), but is available again, but in a better quantity this time (500), thanks to Blindead Productions from Sweden. The sound of this record will probably annoy many people that hear it, but for G.I.S.M. fans, it may be a different story: from the vocals that are mixed way too loud to the shitty sounding overfuzzed guitar. Beyond the initial impression of "shitty sound," these are actually 4 well crafted songs with layered guitars and vocals that probably took a good amount of time and effort to get to sound the way they do. People seem to be releasing a lot of "project" records these days. It doesn't bother me one bit, especially when I like it. Cool record, I am into it, this is a keeper for me.

4 / 5 bells

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BIG EYES - Back From The Moon 7", BLOODY GEARS - Frozen Rain 7", BAD ADVICE - Do Not Resuscitate 7", SECTARIAN VIOLENCE s/t 7"

Here we have 4 new EPs sent to me from Grave Mistake.


BIG EYES - Back From The Moon 7"
(2012, Grave Mistake//USA)
Ok, first off, I am really not used to listening to stuff like this, so I am probably going to lack the language to talk about this record in a way that would satisfy the band or fans of the band. Now that the disclaimer is over, I have never heard this band before, but I like it. It's poppy, catchy, sweet, honest sounding, fun punk rock. 2 songs from this Seattle group, it looks like this record came out to accompany them on their Midwest tour in May of this year. The record sounds modern but disregards most of the annoying aspects of popular poppy punk music these days. It sounds like they draw heavily on 60s and 70s music, and that is always a good thing, in my book. BIG EYES has a catchy and smooth sound that remind me of THE ODD NUMBERS, I can't imagine any fan of poppy punk not liking this record.

4 / 5 bells



BLOODY GEARS - Frozen Rain 7"
(2012, Grave Mistake//USA)
This is an EP of dark, melodic punk from Boston, it looks like Ryan Abbott (Side Two, Failures, Social Circkle, etc) has been busy the past couple years, he drums in this band and recorded this EP. I hate to do the obvious, but a WIPERS reference is going to be unavoidable for most people that hear this record, from the vocals to the guitars and drums (but maybe that was the whole point?). Side A, the title track, is a great, moody, slow burn that makes this EP worth it, on its own. It says "single mix," so I have to assume that this will sound a little different than how it appears on their LP. The other side has 2 songs more on the upbeat side of things that continue to nail THE WIPERS sound. This is great stuff, I am really curious to hear the LP, Landscapes Of Disease. In that record, I hope that more of their own personality shines through it so I can enjoy it as a BLOODY GEARS record and not a band that simply sounds like THE WIPERS, but I suspect that the length on an LP will give them more room to show what they are all about.

4 / 5 bells



BAD ADVICE - Do Not Resuscitate 7"
(2012, Grave Mistake//USA - Tension Head//USA)
Well done, faithful early 80s style USHC 7" from members of GOVERNMENT WARNING, DIRECT CONTROL, THE LADIES, and some others. I assume the intent with this band was to create an early US hardcore worship band and I could see some people hearing this and asking themselves what long lost US82 record this is and why are they playing so well? So I guess I would say they hit the mark without fail. Bands like this are a crap shoot for me, you could almost flip a coin and achieve similar predictability on if I will like a band like this or not. This type of thing is so nuanced, it could be something so small as the way the drummer uses the high hat or kick drum that could turn me off, the way the vocals were recorded, or the way the guitarist is picking, but this record works for me, it sounds midwestern to my ears, which is home to most of my favorite early 80s USHC bands: NEGATIVE APPROACH, THE FIX, KORO, DIE KREUZEN, etc, so that wins extra points for me. This is a good 4 song 7" but I think I would have really been blown away by this if they were able to cram about 10 high quality songs that didn't let up on this platter. Fans of this style should give this a shot, I don't think you will be disappointed.

4 / 5 bells



(2012, Grave Mistake//USA)
This looks to be a project band with members ranging from the US, the UK and Sweden. Burly, 6 song hardcore EP (1 instrumental), and they just completed a tour in the US to coincide with the record being released. I would imagine that you would probably find many fans of this record, as it is well played and brings the mosh that people around here want to hear. Sadly for me, this record is in one ear and out the other, just not very interesting to me; the predictable riffs, the mosh parts, the sound, and the lyrics. I guess I am just not crazy about the style and influences that I am hearing to really get into a record like this that isn't really doing anything new. I am sure this EP was fun to make and I hope the tour was great and all the best to them, that's what I assume this was all about anyway...I can't hate on them for that.

2.5 / 5 bells

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TROUBLE - Manic Frustration 12"

TROUBLE - Manic Frustration 12"
(1992, Def American//UK)
I have always been a Psalm 9 and s/t (1990) LP kinda guy and had always dismissed any TROUBLE album after the 1990 LP as "not metal enough" or "too stoner rock." Obviously I was a moron and 20 years later, I am finally coming around. After some reflection upon TROUBLE's lackluster ex-vocalist Kory Clarke (of WARRIOR SOUL fame (fame?), took over after Eric Wagner parted ways with the band in 2008), I pretty much realized that any TROUBLE with Eric Wagner singing is good TROUBLE. Hell, I'll go ahead and say that I would probably like any heavy music with Eric Wagner singing. Apparently, Manic Frustration was one of TROUBLE's best selling albums (almost reaching 100,000), but due to the year it came out, the vinyl is hard as hell to come by, for the compact disc was a bebe in full swing.

This record is actually a good midway point between the s/t (1990) LP (my favorite TROUBLE LP) and Plastic Greenhead. The album is fairly upbeat and also has a little of a poppier feel (that I love) than the preceding album. Hands down, my favorite song on here is The Sleeper. It could probably fit nicely on the B side of the s/t LP next to Black Shapes Of Doom. It wasn't until Amanda and I saw TROUBLE (still with Wagner, thank goodness) in Cleveland and they played The Sleeper that I decided to check out Manic Frustration again. Thank you, Cleveland. 'Scuse Me is also a favorite due to the great lyrics that hearken back to SAINT VITUS's Born Too Late:

'Scuse me for the clothes I wear
'Scuse me how long is my hair
'Scuse me 'cause I'm being real
Ya may not like it but it's way I feel

Hallucinations man they're outta sight
Mirror is right you know but I still love you

'Scuse me for livin' in the past
'Scuse me when your fads don't last
'Scuse me 'cause I choose to be blind
Ya may not like it though you really don't mind

How can you not love that shit? GREAT album, glad to have finally tracked down the LP. After getting this, I thought "why not" and now I have the Plastic Greenhead and Simple Mind Condition LPs on they way as well. Much easier to get, especially since Plastic Greenhead didn't come out on LP at all, originally, so it came out on vinyl later. Fuck, I love this band so much that I would feel comfortable cutting anyone out of my circle of friends and acquaintances that would not be willing to get a TROUBLE related tattoo.

4.5 / 5 bells

TANK - Filth Hounds Of Hades 12", NEGAZIONE - Lo Spirito Continua... 12"

TANK - Filth Hounds Of Hades 12" (Attic//Canada - Kamaflage//UK)
What really needs to be said about this band? Classic, powerful, driving, rock and roll Motorhead type band, I could sit around listening to TANK all day. This is the weird looking Canadian press from Attic Records (2nd press, I believe). Take me back to 1982, if only I was listening to TANK instead of HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS. I have bought lots of great records from RJ the past couple years and here is another one to add to the vault.

4 / 5 bells


NEGAZIONE - Lo Spirito Continua... 12" (Mordam//USA - Konkurrel//Netherlands)
It's difficult to imagine Mordam releasing a raging Italian HC record from 1986, but here is proof that it happened. The 1985 self-released Tutti Pazzi EP seems to be more talked about for its pure raw intensity; this Lo Spirito LP shows the band becoming more competent with their playing with a bit of a slicker and fuller production sound...but not too much, mind you. This is the 2nd pressing I got from my friend Andy (1st pressing was released by Konkurrel only), this is great quirky hardcore, I love the odd changes and song structures while still working within a more or less straight forward ripping hardcore punk sound. Each song is packed with riffs and fury, this is a one of a kind record. I would love to see hardcore punk bands these days use a little more imagination in their songwriting.

4.5 / 5 bells

Sunday, June 17, 2012

NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA 12", THE DECAY - Tonight, (Back From The Death) 7", FORWARD - Devil's Cradle 7"

NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA 12" (Svart//Finland)
Svart records strikes again with another nice Finnish punk reissue. Formed in 1977, you pretty much know what to expect if you are a fan of this time period in Finnish punk...catchy, well played rock and roll influenced punk along the lines of something like RATSIA. The band broke up in 1982 after a self released EP, but this was recorded in 1984. This comes in a gatefold sleeve and booklet full of great full color photos and a write up by a band member. People in the US can get this from Havoc or Feral Ward.

4 / 5 bells


THE DECAY - Tonight, (Back From The Death) 7" (General Speech//USA)
This is a re-release of this Swiss hardcore EP from 1985, except this time, this is a release of the original mix. As the story goes, this is the mix the band originally submitted but the pressing plant refused to press it as it was, so the band had to remix and submit a more tame version of the EP. 5 songs of raw, inept hardcore bliss that can be mailordered from General Speech. Check out the article about this band written on

4 / 5 bells


FORWARD - Devil's Cradle EP 7" (540//USA)
Bought this directly from 540 Records.
New 2 song 7" from Japan's FORWARD, out in time for Chaos In Tejas 2012, in which I regrettably did not attend. I am happy to report that this 7" shows a return to a form not seen since the While You Alive 12" EP. 100% absolutely raging Japanese hardcore on side A and then there is a new version of what is possibly the best Japanese hardcore song ever written on side B, "What's The Meaning Of Love," previously heard on the Hardcore Ball CD compilation and then later appeared on the Just Go Forward To Death 12" in 2000. The first version had a more raw and raging recording, while the 2nd version had better vocals and I dare say that this 3rd version is a perfect melding of the two. I really hope that this EP is foreshadowing on what's to come on FORWARD's new LP.

5 / 5 bells

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

KULTURKAMPF - Caught In An Evil Web Of Violence 12"

KULTURKAMPF - Caught In A Web Of Violence 12"
(Looney Tunes//England)
This U.K. anarcho band's discography LP was suggested by some friends. This compiles 2 demos and a live track from 1984. I was able to find this in the Social Napalm distro. I love these types of bands for their infectious melody and driving purpose (which is sorely lacking in today's punk & HC). This is a good quality reissue, the cover could be made of better material, but the songs themselves sound great, especially considering how old they are, it's not like they had this stuff digitally archived back then. If you're into bands like A Touch Of Hysteria or The Zounds, I would highly recommend this. The music and vocals may not be quite as well done as the afore-mentioned bands, but the spirit is still there, great stuff, thanks to Loony Tunes for putting out this obscure band's demo tracks for the rest of us to enjoy.

4 / 5 bells


(Feral Ward//USA)
I admit, at first listen, I just thought the demo was "good" but wasn't blown away, then a few months ago once I heard that the Trauma LP was about to come out, I played it again, but LOUD this time and it clicked better for me, and got me pumped for the LP. I remember thinking that the vocals were probably going to be what would make or break the LP. I picked this up at the Columbus Tragedy show on 5/17 and I am happy to say that I was not let down. The sound is perfect and the vocals are strong and catchy. If you are looking for no frills hardcore punk with no gimmicks, here it is. This is Billy (Tragedy/Deathreat) on guitar and Todd (Tragedy/Deathreat) on drums with a member of the classic 80s Portland HC group, Final Warning on vocals. If this isn't trebly or mysterious enough for you, I feel sorry for you. Raging Portland HC at its best. Imagine a more raw and stripped down Deathreat, if you will. You should be able to get this soon from Feral Ward and various stores & distros.

4 / 5 bells



TRAGEDY - Darker Days Ahead 12"
(Tragedy Records//USA)
Holy shit there are tons of garbage reviews and blogtalk about this record out there. Indie blogs are all talking about this "secret" hardcore band Tragedy that the reviewer found out about through crusted-blackened handshakes and back alley dealings. Ok, I get that you need to cover this record, but come on, find someone that knows something about hardcore or the history of the band or the style of music to write about it. Fuck.

Picked this up as well at the show in Columbus. The CD version has a nice digipack tri-fold with letterpressing and the LP version has a great textured sleeve. Word is, the LP will be remixed or remastered for the official version, I am not sure which, but in listening to it, it doesn't sound much different than the CD version to my ears, so I am guessing that a remix is what we are headed for. Not that I think it sounds bad.

Kudos to them, this is their 4th lp in 10+ years of existence and I can completely understand the want to do something different. The Death Side and Japanese HC influence is almost gone as there is only one song with fast (ie thrashin') parts, and in its place, I hear a lot of Killing Joke, Amebix, High On Fire and Bolt Thrower. Yes...BOLT THROWER...a lot of it. Ever since I saw Matt Pike (High On Fire) tell the sound guy at a show to put on the s/t Tragedy LP some years ago, I could see a little circle of influence that the two bands started having on each other. Especially on Nerve Damage for Tragedy, and on this new album it is glaringly obvious. I have to admit, on first listen, I wished at different times for a classic Tragedy Japanese HC style ripper, but then it was "Oh shit, nevermind, this part is sick." The title track, "Darker Days Ahead" is by far my favorite, it is a Killing Joke style headbanging mechanical anthem that can easily stand up there with the best songs in their catalogue. "We never think of the future. It comes soon enough" has been echoing in my head for days. I love the 2nd song, you know the one that usually has a fist pumping, headbanging pace on their albums...and of course, the Motorhead style stomper, "Power Fades" is another immediate stand out for me. The only song I am not real crazy about is "The Feeding Hour," but one out of 4 albums and 2 7"s is nothing to cry about.

In truth, this still sounds like the same band; just imagine an album full of the slower and mid paced songs from the 1st 2 records with a modern day doom metal drum sound and a little more experimentation with the guitar riffs. The guitar sound is similar, the lyrics and vocals are of the top quality that I have come to expect from this band (Todd with the Entombed-howls and Billy with the Bastard-growls). The only thing that could really make me like this more is if they had a couple fast hardcore tunes on here, but maybe that would have been at odds with some of the production values they chose (they recorded with Billy Anderson instead of Polymorph this time). I think some people are not going to like this, but then again others will love the freshness and new direction.

Steel your patience and withold your Ebay dollars from the flipper-scum, this will be widely available soon enough.

4 / 5 bells

Thursday, May 3, 2012

WHAT? A brand new FACE UP TO IT! 7" ??

That's right, after several years, France's FACE UP TO IT! have a new 7". Fuck your trendy HC, this is for the true fan. 7 songs of RIP ROARING savage HC. When I first put this on at 45 RPMS, I thought I had it on the wrong speed...nope, this shit is fast. Some of you may remember that they were around when the thrash bands of the 2000s were at their peak. They are still playing in this style, but fuck, this rages. Nice layout, great songs, nice time changes, tight fuckin execution, I can't find anything wrong with this record. If this isn't cool enough for you, you're a damn fool.

4.5 / 5 bells


FANTASTIC 4 song 7" from VENDETTA from Japan. This year I vowed to slow down on my consumption of new Japanese HC releases, but I couldn't resist this one based on the reviews that I was reading. They have a raw sound mixed with a great melodic, UK82 vibe that I am just a sucker for. I gushed enough about the 2nd SKIZOPHRENIA 7" when it came out, but I think this record is even better!

4.5 / 5 bells


This is one compilation that I didn't want to buy. It was expensive and each band only has one song. I prefer a good solid JPHC comp to have 3-4 songs from each band. Then you also have the problem that most comps just aren't that good anymore...but Japanese comps tend to be able to pull this off better than most places. I went ahead and said "fuck it" and bought this with the VENDETTA 7". There are lots of bands that I like on it, so why not, when convenience is on my side? Most of these bands are more on the melodic UK side of things, which is a nice little twist from what Japanese HC is most known for. This is kind of a part 2 of The ACTION 7" comp that came out a few years ago. I absolutely love the ROUGH STUFF song (saw them play a great set last year on the GASMASK TERROR Japanese tour), and of course, the SKIZOPHRENIA, FOLKEIIS (although I wish they would go for less of a muddy guitar sound) and VENDETTA songs are great too. The multiple inserts are really cool, each band gets a side of a separated 7" size insert. Although I would have been in favor of less bands and more songs on this comp, I still say this is a keeper (although not essential).

band listing:

Side A

Side B

3.5 / 5 bells

ZYANOSE - Insane Noise Raid CD

ZYANOSE - Insane Noise Raid CD
Ok, so obviously, we haven't done shit with this blog lately, been way too busy to keep writing detailed reviews. So I decided that I will just start reviewing everything that I take in for my personal collection. The reviews are going to be quick and dirty, but they will be much more plentiful and maybe timely enough to give people an idea on if they want to take a chance on something or not. Ironically, first up is the new ZYANOSE CD.

After Amanda and I got rid of over 400 CDs this is the first new CD that I bought in a while. First off, the packaging is great, I love how it looks like a pop CD, I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but the scrawled CRASS shirt girl was a nice touch. To top it all off, this cute looking CD is called INSANE NOISE RAID!

This 9 song ditty has actually given me a bit of a sigh of relief in knowing that I am not just some old hardcore dude that hates all the new noisy HC bands. The sound is perfect for what they are trying to do, and the bass guitar is fuckin' burly. The songs are well crafted, the CD goes through some nice time changes, too. I found that I was gritting my teeth through the whole CD. Love it.

Catch them if you can at Chaos In Tejas this year. Also, word is that this will be issued on vinyl by Black Water soon. I hope they keep the same vibe on the packaging!

4 / 5 bells

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5/17 TRAGEDY show in Columbus

Columbus, OH
Thurs. 5/17
@Carabar 9pm
115 Parsons Avenue