Monday, December 29, 2014

THE STALKER zine - interview with Miss B

I don't even remember what Urge Overkill sounds like, but I do clearly remember how many people were "into" this band while I was living in Athens, Ohio in the 90s. It was perplexing to me, but then again, so were many things at that time. Anyway, here is a hilarious interview presented by The Chicago Ambassador with one of the masterminds behind THE STALKER zine.

Chicago Ambassador interview

and don't miss the link to issue #5 of THE STALKER

Kudos to Miss B and Miss K, most people just don't seem to have the imagination these days for antics like these. Best of luck, whatever you are doing.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tony Erba: Too Hot For Maximum Rock & Roll interview pt. 2 by Rust Belt Hammer

Great interview with newly married man, Tony Erba of Face Value, H-100s, Nine Shocks Terror, GSMF, Fuck You Pay Me, etc. This is a great joy to read, and as someone who has always been in close contact with the Pittsburgh scene, it was interesting to see his side of the Mr. Roboto Project "incident" that resulted in Nine Shocks Terror being banned from there.

here--> Rust Belt Hammer interview pt. 2

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