Friday, July 13, 2012

SATAN'S SATYRS-Wild Beyond Belief LP
(2012,Trash King Productions//USA)
Im gonna jump back in the fire to review this LP before Solar D gets ahold of it. SATAN'S SATYRS hail from northern Virginia and it looks like its one guy playing all the instruments. This rock n roll weirdo goes by the name Claythanas, and I hope he lives in his mom's basement. Burnt and blown-out horror psych. Super catchy fuzz riffing with intense wah-wah axe soloing. The vocals are spewed and the organs are crude.  Don't detect any direct influences, but I bet dude dosed on Blue Cheer, Venom and Misfits a few times. At first I thought they sounded like Midnight, but S.S. has a more '60s helter skelter vibe and drumming style that sets them apart from more "metal" acts. Top notch shit right here. Heavy duty LP jacket with cool '60s biker horror poster for your wall in mom's basement. Another hit from Trash King out of DC.
4.5 / 5 bells

7/28 RATFACE show in Columbus

july 28th
9:00 $5

RATFACE (pgh rawpunx, jimmy rose from annihilation time)
biff boff barf
lights out

Thursday, July 5, 2012

HUMAN POWER - Human Power? 7"

HUMAN POWER - Human Power? 7"
(2012, Blindead Productions//Sweden)
Sent to me from Blindead, this is a fun project band with a modern take on G.I.S.M., recorded in 2004. This EP was originally released in a low quantity (200, I believe), but is available again, but in a better quantity this time (500), thanks to Blindead Productions from Sweden. The sound of this record will probably annoy many people that hear it, but for G.I.S.M. fans, it may be a different story: from the vocals that are mixed way too loud to the shitty sounding overfuzzed guitar. Beyond the initial impression of "shitty sound," these are actually 4 well crafted songs with layered guitars and vocals that probably took a good amount of time and effort to get to sound the way they do. People seem to be releasing a lot of "project" records these days. It doesn't bother me one bit, especially when I like it. Cool record, I am into it, this is a keeper for me.

4 / 5 bells

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BIG EYES - Back From The Moon 7", BLOODY GEARS - Frozen Rain 7", BAD ADVICE - Do Not Resuscitate 7", SECTARIAN VIOLENCE s/t 7"

Here we have 4 new EPs sent to me from Grave Mistake.


BIG EYES - Back From The Moon 7"
(2012, Grave Mistake//USA)
Ok, first off, I am really not used to listening to stuff like this, so I am probably going to lack the language to talk about this record in a way that would satisfy the band or fans of the band. Now that the disclaimer is over, I have never heard this band before, but I like it. It's poppy, catchy, sweet, honest sounding, fun punk rock. 2 songs from this Seattle group, it looks like this record came out to accompany them on their Midwest tour in May of this year. The record sounds modern but disregards most of the annoying aspects of popular poppy punk music these days. It sounds like they draw heavily on 60s and 70s music, and that is always a good thing, in my book. BIG EYES has a catchy and smooth sound that remind me of THE ODD NUMBERS, I can't imagine any fan of poppy punk not liking this record.

4 / 5 bells



BLOODY GEARS - Frozen Rain 7"
(2012, Grave Mistake//USA)
This is an EP of dark, melodic punk from Boston, it looks like Ryan Abbott (Side Two, Failures, Social Circkle, etc) has been busy the past couple years, he drums in this band and recorded this EP. I hate to do the obvious, but a WIPERS reference is going to be unavoidable for most people that hear this record, from the vocals to the guitars and drums (but maybe that was the whole point?). Side A, the title track, is a great, moody, slow burn that makes this EP worth it, on its own. It says "single mix," so I have to assume that this will sound a little different than how it appears on their LP. The other side has 2 songs more on the upbeat side of things that continue to nail THE WIPERS sound. This is great stuff, I am really curious to hear the LP, Landscapes Of Disease. In that record, I hope that more of their own personality shines through it so I can enjoy it as a BLOODY GEARS record and not a band that simply sounds like THE WIPERS, but I suspect that the length on an LP will give them more room to show what they are all about.

4 / 5 bells



BAD ADVICE - Do Not Resuscitate 7"
(2012, Grave Mistake//USA - Tension Head//USA)
Well done, faithful early 80s style USHC 7" from members of GOVERNMENT WARNING, DIRECT CONTROL, THE LADIES, and some others. I assume the intent with this band was to create an early US hardcore worship band and I could see some people hearing this and asking themselves what long lost US82 record this is and why are they playing so well? So I guess I would say they hit the mark without fail. Bands like this are a crap shoot for me, you could almost flip a coin and achieve similar predictability on if I will like a band like this or not. This type of thing is so nuanced, it could be something so small as the way the drummer uses the high hat or kick drum that could turn me off, the way the vocals were recorded, or the way the guitarist is picking, but this record works for me, it sounds midwestern to my ears, which is home to most of my favorite early 80s USHC bands: NEGATIVE APPROACH, THE FIX, KORO, DIE KREUZEN, etc, so that wins extra points for me. This is a good 4 song 7" but I think I would have really been blown away by this if they were able to cram about 10 high quality songs that didn't let up on this platter. Fans of this style should give this a shot, I don't think you will be disappointed.

4 / 5 bells



(2012, Grave Mistake//USA)
This looks to be a project band with members ranging from the US, the UK and Sweden. Burly, 6 song hardcore EP (1 instrumental), and they just completed a tour in the US to coincide with the record being released. I would imagine that you would probably find many fans of this record, as it is well played and brings the mosh that people around here want to hear. Sadly for me, this record is in one ear and out the other, just not very interesting to me; the predictable riffs, the mosh parts, the sound, and the lyrics. I guess I am just not crazy about the style and influences that I am hearing to really get into a record like this that isn't really doing anything new. I am sure this EP was fun to make and I hope the tour was great and all the best to them, that's what I assume this was all about anyway...I can't hate on them for that.

2.5 / 5 bells