Friday, July 13, 2012

SATAN'S SATYRS-Wild Beyond Belief LP
(2012,Trash King Productions//USA)
Im gonna jump back in the fire to review this LP before Solar D gets ahold of it. SATAN'S SATYRS hail from northern Virginia and it looks like its one guy playing all the instruments. This rock n roll weirdo goes by the name Claythanas, and I hope he lives in his mom's basement. Burnt and blown-out horror psych. Super catchy fuzz riffing with intense wah-wah axe soloing. The vocals are spewed and the organs are crude.  Don't detect any direct influences, but I bet dude dosed on Blue Cheer, Venom and Misfits a few times. At first I thought they sounded like Midnight, but S.S. has a more '60s helter skelter vibe and drumming style that sets them apart from more "metal" acts. Top notch shit right here. Heavy duty LP jacket with cool '60s biker horror poster for your wall in mom's basement. Another hit from Trash King out of DC.
4.5 / 5 bells


  1. NICE Matt! I just ordered this earlier today.

  2. Great ! The pictures are from a 60's movie called "Satan's Sadists", though it was the soudntrack from this movie at first sight !