Sunday, June 28, 2009

6/29 last minute LA ARMADA and DIENTE PERRO Columbus show

Big thanks to Austin and The Monster House for letting these two bands on the show! They are playing first, so be sure to get there on time and bring at least $5 to donate to touring bands. I have heard great things about La Armada's live show...looking forward to this. I think I saw them 10 years ago in Chicago?!

Monday 6/29
The Monster House
115 West 10th Ave
Columbus Ohio
9pm sharp!

La Armada (hc punk from the Dominican Republic, but now live in Chicago)
Diente Perro (from Puerto Rico, on tour with La Armada)
The Copyrights
Dear Landlord (midwest pop punk from IL/MN)
Hot Iron (Cbus punk slop)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CROW: Flock Of Beast 7" and SEE YOU IN HELL split 7" REVIEW

CROW: Flock Of Beast 7"

Crow: Flock Of Beast ep

Label: Prank (USA) - Prank101
Release date: May 2009

side A:
•Flock Of Beast I

side B:
•Flock Of Beast II


Crow / See You In Hell split ep front

Crow / See You In Hell split ep back

Label: Phobia (Czech Republic)
Insane Society (Czech Republic)
Release date: May 2, 2009

Crow side:

See You In Hell side:
•V Zajeti
•Nadechnout Se

I am always chomping at the bit for new CROW material and when I found out that these new EPs were coming out, it was no different. For those that don't know, CROW is a Japanese band that has been releasing great material since the mid 80s. The trademark vocals are haunting and coarse...I love it. The music has transformed a bit since the early days of their DISCHARGE inspired d-beat days. For the most part, their recent stuff is crusty, metallic, dark hardcore, with a little experimentation here and there.

Each of these records come with 2 CROW songs, I have to admit, the songs on the SEE YOU IN HELL split shine a little brighter for me. The first song, "Traitors" is just fantastic. It starts off with an epic midpaced riff, that is harmonized, but then it picks up in pace. These days, "epic" and "crust" seem to scare people, but CROW defies all odds as they can do no fucking wrong. I don't feel that it takes away from their power, it just sounds wicked and haunting. Of course, I have to talk about the packaging for the SEE YOU IN HELL split. Really nice, silk screened, fold out covers, in silver ink, on black card stock. Looks great. The only little problem is that some of the type in the insert is too small and doesn't come through perfectly on the screen. The limited edition comes on red vinyl and 2 DVDs from SEE YOU IN HELL's '07 tour. It may seem like a bit much, but there is a lot of footage of many of the different great bands from their tour. Damn, I also have to mention, that the Czech band, SEE YOU IN HELL's side surprised the shit out of me. It's their best material that I have heard yet. It sounds more raw and seething than the previous efforts that I have heard. I will really be looking forward to their new releases...see if they can keep it up. I'm happy to say that their side is just as good as the CROW side. Fuck.

Ok, I just got the Prank ep today, "Flock Of Beast." When I first saw it, the cover art was a bit of a surprise, since they have never used a plain old picture of themselves you can see, it's a picture of the vocalist. I usually look forward to some sick cut and paste, black/white art or even better, something hand drawn, like the demon face that they have been using on their recent releases, including both of these eps (originally from the cover of "The Door Of The End" 12" ep). Nevertheless, it still looks cool and you can't fault them for doing something different. 2 songs on this one and the songwriting is decidedly nastier than the SYIH split. Side A is a chugging, mid-paced, monster while side B picks up the pace but keeps the dark and ugly tone and ends in a mess of howling.

Both of these records are still available, and a re-mastered repress of the "Bloody Tear" 12" is coming down the pipeline as well. I'm crossing my fingers for another U.S. tour eventually, since I was a dumb ass and didn't fly to go see them when they came before.

•Who Killed Dove? 7" (1986, Crow)
•V/A Eye OF The Thrash Guerilla 12" comp tracks (1988, Selfish)
•Last Chaos 12" (Crow/Overthrow)
•The Crow 12" (Grind/Crust Records)
•Anarchy, Chaos, Destruction CD
•Death Of Nuclear Arms 7" (Crow)
•The Door Of The End 12" ep (Crow)
•Neurotic Organization 7" (Prank)
•split 7" with Artimus Pyle (Mangrove/Prank)
•Suck My Dick! comp tape (don't know anything about this one)
•V/A Cry Of Soul comp 7" tracks (Crow)
•V/A Patrick comp 7" tracks
•Live at Watts tape
•Live At Gilman DVD
•Bloody Tear CD/LP (Mangrove/Prank)
•The Vicious Dominant... tour 7" (Prank)
•Beating Of The Wings OF Destruction 12" (Crow)
•split 7" with See You In Hell (Phobia/Insane Society)
•Flock Of Beast 7" (Prank)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


CLASSIC FUKKIN RAGER. I finally got this record on ebay. I have bid and failed multiple times. It is now in constant rotation. Released by Pusmort in the USA and Selfish in Japan circa 1987. It features GAUZE, OUTO, SYSTEMATIC DEATH and LIPCREAM!!! Every track is killing and the cover is a classic. Thrash Til Death definitely kick started my interest in Japanese HC. I first heard it in Rapid City in 1996 or 1997. Jason Wade had it and we drunkenly jammed it at the "house of shit" all the time along with his copy of the S.O.B./Napalm Death flexi and the SIEGE 7". Sorry kids, records just aren't this good anymore. Thanks Jason. Thanks Pushead.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cult Ritual Ohio shows with Vile Gash

Cult Ritual Ohio shows flyer

Flyer by Alex M.

There is also a show in Pittsburgh on 6/25/09 with Cult Ritual, Slices, Vile Gash and at least another band that I can't remember right now.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6/09/09 Bone Awl, Ashdautas, Volahn, Hex Noir, Nukkehammer show

Flyer by Andy.

Carabar 10pm FREE
115 Parsons Ave.
Columbus, OH