Sunday, June 28, 2009

6/29 last minute LA ARMADA and DIENTE PERRO Columbus show

Big thanks to Austin and The Monster House for letting these two bands on the show! They are playing first, so be sure to get there on time and bring at least $5 to donate to touring bands. I have heard great things about La Armada's live show...looking forward to this. I think I saw them 10 years ago in Chicago?!

Monday 6/29
The Monster House
115 West 10th Ave
Columbus Ohio
9pm sharp!

La Armada (hc punk from the Dominican Republic, but now live in Chicago)
Diente Perro (from Puerto Rico, on tour with La Armada)
The Copyrights
Dear Landlord (midwest pop punk from IL/MN)
Hot Iron (Cbus punk slop)


  1. Ok, La Armada is not the band I saw 10 years ago in Chicago...I swore that was the name of the band...who knows. I guess these guys have only been in Chicago for 2 years, and then lived in Pensacola, FL for a couple years before that.

  2. Thanks for the show it was great! We had a good time, hope we could stayed for longer, but still was awesome. Thanks again guys.

    Peludiente from Diente Perro.


    sk8 and destroy!

  3. Glad you guys came though...come back again, any time.