Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PAINTBOX: Trip, Trance & Travelling 2x12" and Relics 12" OUT NOW!

Image of Trip, Trance & Travelling yellow vinyl version


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Afters years of waiting, in the summer of 2009, Trip, Trance & Travelling was finally released on CD in Japan by H:G Fact. I knew it was going to come out on vinyl a couple months later, and bought the fucker anyway because I couldn't wait..if that tells you anything about how much I had been anticipating this third album of theirs. I have been in love with this band since I first heard them. Ultimate brilliance. Needless to say, I was not let down, I found myself floating on clouds of gummi bears while the hordes down below stabbed eachother with forks. Haters be damned and Chelsea R.I.P., too bad he didn't get to see this masterpiece come to light.

This is now available through Prank Records in the USA or H:G Fact in Japan (who also has the CD version which was done in an extremely nice tip-on gatefold digipack). Also, can't forget that the Relics collection is also out on 2x12" & CD...this collects my personal favorite material of this phenomenal band. Don't miss out on a great way to have their harder to find material all on one release. FUCKING SHIT.

H:G Fact (Japan) ::
Prank (USA) ::

The Third LP from Tokyo’s PAINTBOX was almost ten years in the making is finally available on Vinyl. Combing the ferocity of Japanese hardcore with influences from across the music spectrum-Classic rock, J-Pop, Psychedelia and more- this double LP is an almost 70 minute journey through a myriad of emotions and Sound scapes that stretches the concept of a hardcore LP to it’s limit in a way only Japanese legends PAINTBOX could. ( Prank 105) Comes in a heavy weight tip-on Stoughton sleeve with fold out lyric sheet with English lyric translations. Mailorder copies on Yellow vinyl.

Collecting PAINTBOX’s four 7” releases- their debut 7” EP, “DOOR /PROVIDED RAILRAOD” 7”, “CRY OF THE SHEEPS” and “BACK REPORTER” FLEXI with tracks from tribute records to both POISON IDEA and JAPANESE legend GHOUL, “RELICTS” is as much of an overview of the bands progression as a litmus of their skill at combining diverse music ideas within the framework of “Burning Spirits” styled hardcore. ( Prank 104) Mailorder copies come on Blue vinyl with a bonus blue vinyl LP of the “Raise the capital” show only CD-R of live tracks , full color record labels , insert and obi strip. Limited to 300 in the U.S.. The copies in stores will just be a single LP of the studio material.

See here and here for more info.

Paintbox releases (minus comp stuff):
• Debut 7" (1998- H:G Fact)
• Singing, Shouting, Crying CD/12" (1999- H:G Fact, Kill Ugly Pop, Prank)
• The Door/Provided Railroad 7" (1999- H:G Fact)
• Back Reporter Flexi (2000, H:G Fact)
• Earthball Sports Tournament CD/12" (2000- H:G Fact, Prank)
• Cry Of The Sheeps CD/7" (2001- H:G Fact, Prank)
• Genseki 7" (2009- H:G Fact)
• Relics collection CD/12", 2x12" (2009- H:G Fact, Prank)
• Trip, Trance & Travelling CD/2x12"(2009- H:G Fact, Prank)