Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10/24/09 Columbus: LEGION OF DOOM semi-annual Halloween covers show!

2009 Legion Of Doom cover show

*Citizens Arrest isn't happening.


*10/26 - The cover show was a blast!! Despite having a wisDOOM tooth taken out and an arm injury, I was able to hack through the Slayer cover set with fellow brothers in metal worshipping the ALTAR OF SACRIFICE-- Ross from Exseraphim, Dru from Locusta and Robby from Black Dove/Paralyzer. We had such a blast getting together and learning 4 songs from Hell Awaits (Hell Awaits, Kill Again, Praise Of Death & Hardening Of The Arteries). We had so much fun that once we hit the outro at the end of Hardening Of The Arteries, we just went ahead and played Hell Awaits again! Although, I doubt many people noticed...

All the other bands that I got to watch ripped, this is always among my favorite shows of the year. I'm really glad we were able to pull it together and join in the fun...although it would have been ideal to have more than one practice!

Here are some videos from the night. The Slayer one is pretty dark, sorry, we had to dim the lights for MAXIMUM EVIL!

MISFITS- Horror Business

COCK SPARRER- Working & Take 'Em All

SLAYER- Hardening Of The Arteries & Hell Awaits (reprise)

Also, here are some photos taken by Jimmy "Total" Turri.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

PERDITION: East Coast Tour Tape (2009)

Perdition East Coast Tour cassette

I was extremely excited to get this young, raw punk band to Columbus on their tour this year. There had been a bit of a buzz about them, people were happy to hear a band playing mid-paced d-beat really well, so I was happy to get to see them in Ohio. Wow, I have to say that their live show devastated me. I rarely get this excited about an American band these days, fucking great energy and perfect sound. Raw & noisy, but still powerful & dripping with ugliness and sweat.

It was on this tour that I picked up this "10-track cassette." 6 studio songs and 4 live songs, including a cover of a raw punk classic: Game Of The Arseholes by Anti-Cimex. Fucking hell, this band has it down. Well done lyrics and great sound. The songs on this tape are at least as good as their 7", so track this down if you can. I don't know if they plan on doing anything else with these songs other than just have them on the 75 tour cassettes that they made. Great band, can't wait to hear more from them...I will be picking up whatever they put out next!

Perdition East Coast Tour cassette w/insert


WARNING/WARNING cassette with j-card layout

WARNING/WARNING cassette front
I had no knowledge of this French band until this demo tape was mailed to me out of the blue a few months ago. To my delight, it is from members of GASMASK TERRĂ–R, and to a, should I dare, even better delight...the tape is great! Obvious love for CONFUSE and LEBENDEN TOTEN here, who can be upset about that? Noisy punk but with a more rocking approach rather than the unlistenable approach (which also have obvious merits). Great use of reverb on the vocals and also tasteful use of a wah-pedal (didn't think someone could say that about a raw punk band, did you?). Word is, they will have a record come out on a certain Japanese/French label soonish, so be on the look out. I am definitely looking forward to it. Besides the music, I really love the layout. The use of the pink highlighter pen is a nice touch. Photocopied j-card insert, is really the best format for a punk demo. It's nice in theory, to upgrade to cardstock or do some kind of other fancy design-y shit, but when it gets down to it, I really like the look and feel of a well done photocopied insert. It's just classic. Really great job.

Interview in the November 2009 edition of Maximum RockNRoll:

Get a subscription to MRR here.

I don't like to include full downloads on here, because I think punk should be more about search and discovery rather than having everything laid out in front of you, but this demo has been sold out for quite some time, and I want people to get excited for their upcoming record, so here is a rare event for me: Go here to the band's website for a download of the demo w/artwork.

Friday, October 9, 2009

10/17/09 Columbus: SISTA SEKUNDEN (Sweden) @LOD

10/17 Columbus
@The Legion Of Doom 9pm
1579 Indianola Ave

Sista Sekunden (ripping HC from Sweden, members of Skitkids & Intensity)
Black Dove

**This show should start somewhat on time, since there are many other shows going on that night.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Can you spot the difference?

First one to get it right wins a free life under one tree release.

A collective effort! I like that!!
The answers:

Top pic: (from L to R)
THE MOB "Let the tribe increase" LP first press?
CROW "Last chaos" LP (Crow Recs. #0 1987)
ARMAGEDOM "Silencio funebre" LP (Absurd Rec. repress 2005)
JAWBREAKER "Unfun" LP first press. Cute
TRAGEDY "Nerve Damage" LP Silk screen cover.
SACRILEGE "Behind the realms of madness" LP (Pusmort)

Bottom pic:
THE MOB: 2nd or so pressing without the "Pay no more" on the back.
CROW: Overthrow repress 1994.
ARMAGEDOM: Real deal on Rainbow Recs.
JAWBREAKER: 2nd press. still cute
TRAGEDY: Gatefold sleeve
SACRILEGE: Children of revolution press.

There you have it!
You all get a big wet kiss from me next time I see you!