Sunday, October 18, 2009

PERDITION: East Coast Tour Tape (2009)

Perdition East Coast Tour cassette

I was extremely excited to get this young, raw punk band to Columbus on their tour this year. There had been a bit of a buzz about them, people were happy to hear a band playing mid-paced d-beat really well, so I was happy to get to see them in Ohio. Wow, I have to say that their live show devastated me. I rarely get this excited about an American band these days, fucking great energy and perfect sound. Raw & noisy, but still powerful & dripping with ugliness and sweat.

It was on this tour that I picked up this "10-track cassette." 6 studio songs and 4 live songs, including a cover of a raw punk classic: Game Of The Arseholes by Anti-Cimex. Fucking hell, this band has it down. Well done lyrics and great sound. The songs on this tape are at least as good as their 7", so track this down if you can. I don't know if they plan on doing anything else with these songs other than just have them on the 75 tour cassettes that they made. Great band, can't wait to hear more from them...I will be picking up whatever they put out next!

Perdition East Coast Tour cassette w/insert


  1. I need to hear this tape. The 7" blew me away!!

  2. I'll put it on a mix for you...I owe you many of them anyway. I probably should have bought a bunch of these for friends.

  3. Glad you're into it and thanks for booking us in August. The studio tracks on this tape will be on a 7' put out by Distort Reality. Hopefully we will have some test presses for the west coast tour with Mundo Muerto in January.


  4. That's great news! More people need to hear it.