Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BRAIN F≠: So Dim b/w Symptom Set 7" review

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BRAIN F≠: So Dim b/w Symptom Set 7"
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label: Grave Mistake Records (GRAVE044, 2011) //

Brand new, second 7" from this North Carolina punk band sent to me by Grave Mistake Records. In the vein of 70s DANGERHOUSE style punk, BRAIN F≠ (don't ask me how to pronounce their name) power through 2 noisy, short rockers that are sure to hook fans of the genre. Honestly, I prefer this style to have vocals that are more up front and immediately catchy (ala THE AVENGERS or THE BAGS); and after the first couple riffs, I was expecting my eyes to glaze as the trebly Fender Telecaster washed in one ear and out the other, but as I listened on, this record started to catch me. The male/female vocals are buried in the noise, you get the feeling that the band has been up all night doing Heroin. You can almost picture the vocalists singing with their eyes half open...but still, they manage to grab ahold of you through the cymbals and furiously picked, overdriven guitar. This is something that I would place in the neighborhood of THE SPITS, or maybe BRUTAL KNIGHTS, this keeps growing on me the more I listen to it.

The high contrast, black and white matte fold-over cover is perfect for this release, I love the way it looks. It comes with lyrics and a short thanks list. Nice job on this release. 100 of this pressing come on red vinyl. The only complaint I could really see is that this is short, but luckily, there is the first 7" to track down, released by STATIC SHOCK RECORDS (Grave Mistake also has it in their webstore).

BRAIN F≠ discography (known to me):
•Demo (2010)
•Restraining Order b/w God No 7" (2010)
•So Dim b/w Symptom Set 7" (2011)

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