Friday, August 28, 2009

FUCKED FOR LIFE:Distortion & Death demo review

Release Date: July 2009
Quantity: 100 cassettes/100 c.d.s

Determined to Fail
Distortion and Death
Down the Hatch

FUCKED FOR LIFE are thrashing 5 piece d-beat hardcore from Cincinnasty. Hank of BRODY'S MILITIA on bass. Really tight bashing, gruff vox, and fantastic drumming. Their tightness and bad attitude remind me of early POISON IDEA but with a prominent scandi sound in there. Certainly F.F.L have no influences beyond 1985 which may be before some of these maniacs were born!! Can I borrow your time machine? Songs are about hating life, getting fucked up, distortion, and getting fucked up, in that order. This tape had me making fists at cyclists from my car. Fuck bicycles! "Distortion & Death" is their anthem, simultaneously catchy and neck-breaking. SIKKKKKK! The last song "Down the Hatch" is a mid tempo rocker with a killer riff akin to "Detroit Rock City" by KISS but played with a hatred for non-alcoholic beverages. Being familiar with the F.F.L. live wall of distort, this demo seemed a little quiet but its not like i didn't love it and I'm ready for more. If you like wrecking ball hardcore punk, check out FUCKED FOR LIFE, they are one of the best bands in Ohio.