Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review: ACROSTIX - Dear Daily Life 12" (Freedom Fighter/FF006)

Acrostix photo taken by me, summer 2011
The CD version of this new ACROSTIX material has been out for a while and those who had boldly ventured into $30+ territory to mailorder a CD from Japan have been talking this up ever since. I have always thought ACROSTIX were a good band. They were good at the metallic AMEBIX Japanese hardcore style, but at the same time, I also thought some element of power was always missing. I assumed it was something about the recordings.

When I saw ACROSTIX in their hometown last summer, I knew it was true. Waves of positive power and energy poured forth from when they hit the first note. I finally could see this band for how good they really were.

So finally, this comes out on vinyl, brought to us by the Freedom Fighter label. Tip-on style gatefold jacket, insert, thick vinyl, obi, and silk screened dust sleeve (as they have done on other FF releases), this was given the royal treatment. Not sure what's up with the cover art...caught in the rat race, I guess? Anyway, the last few years have been bereft of great, traditional, Japanese hardcore for the most part, and I am happy to say the rumors are true about this album. ACROSTIX have changed their style to a traditional JPHC monster. They still have a metallic feel and there are a few dirgy areas, but for the most part, this 8 song 12" is a great fucking hardcore record. The power is in your face and the production is everything it should be. Loud and bright guitars, pounding drums, ruthless. This reminds me of a better sounding and better written ASSAULT s/t CD. Instead of coloring the whole vibe of the record, the dirgy parts now add to the beauty of the overall landscape. This record will not be cheap, but worth every penny. Right now, I can't think of a Japanese 12" that came out in 2011 that I like more.

Some places where you can pick this up:
Feral Ward
Velted Regnub
Soap And Spikes
La Vida Es Un Mus (Europe)

Acrostix live photo taken by yours truly, Summer 2011 on an iPod (lol)