Friday, July 30, 2010

Tonight in Cincinnati!

First show for a new band (Silo) that I am in with my pals Robby and Eric.
Also, newish local Cinci band, Holy Wars, has been added to this.


**8/1/10 Dennis: The show was pretty successful, considering that it was built on 5 relatively unknown acts; we were able to raise around $400. Some were bummed that there wasn't more money raised, but honestly, that's not too bad, given the circumstances of the event and how many people were there.

The show was in a second floor room of The Mockbee. I love what they did to the room, there's a bar and a nice stage, for larger events. I love this building, it's an old industrial building, I'm not exactly sure what they used to do in there, but when you're in it you feel like you are in a 1950s fallout shelter. Really cool. See this photo of the room when you walk in, to get an idea.

I haven't seen Francis read his poetry in a long while, this guy just shoots 'straight from the heart' (good band...uh, no. Remember the Voice Of The Voiceless comp?) with so much passion, you gotta love him.

Lisa Walker was up next. One lady with her guitar and some pedals (Big Muff, Rat, etc). I don't know enough about the style of music she was doing to really describe it with any justice. Beautiful voice, the big concrete room really helped make her sound huge.

This was my first time seeing Realicide, I've seen the name around for about 8 years...I think it's a Digital Hardcore group? I'm not sure what style of music they call themselves. From talking to them, I don't think they're really concerned with what style of music they play as they are focused on their message. I assume people remember Atari Teenage Riot? It was kind of like that, but done better, with less pretension. I was pretty taken aback, people in the crowd were losing it, the energy was huge, it was really loud and aggressive, and the beats were fast. Gene Hoglan would have been hard pressed to keep up...but obviously, a drum machine may have a slight advantage in a drum off. It had a more punk vibe than ATR. Seeing this kind of thing was not something that I was used to, but it was a cool thing to see nonetheless. It's good to get out of your comfort zone. They were doing their own thing, I have more respect for that, than seeing some band just following punk trends. I made a comment about them before we played, and one of Realicide's members (Mavis, the DJ) came up to me later because someone told him that they thought I shit talked them, but we ended up having a cool conversation. Obviously I didn't, that's not my style, plus, I didn't have anything bad to say about them, someone just misunderstood what I said. Nice guy who seems into it for the right reasons.

Silo played our first show...unlike what happened with Lisa Walker, the big, concrete room didn't do a band like ours any favors. But hey, we did our thing and didn't fuck up our first show too bad. Things feel really good with this band, glad to be playing with Robby and Eric. Fuck, I am out of shape, my neck and throat hurt pretty bad today, after two shows in a row. Black Dove hasn't played in a while, so I'm feeling it today. Doing this at 35 feels different than doing it at 23. I'm not one of those people that likes to whine about getting older, I don't usually consider it an issue, but yeah, I'm starting to feel it. Once we get going and start doing more, the bang-overs will go away.

Holy Wars played last. Love the name. This is a newer Cincinnati band with people from White Walls and Order66. Loud, high energy, fast hardcore, while keeping the vibe fun. I dig Alex's vocals, and I enjoyed his energy. Kyle was holding it down on the bass. I thought the guitar player was trying a bit too hard to "go off," but hey, I'm an asshole and am picky about shit. I will say that they managed to sound pretty full in that large concrete room, due to his JCM 800 and JCM 2000 amps. That's no small feat. I'll be curious to hear them in a basement, hopefully we can get them in Columbus soon.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7/31/10 @LOD in Columbus

Flyer by Alex M.

Saturday 7/31/10
9 pm $5
The Legion Of Doom
1579 Indianola Ave
Columbus OH

Symptoms (Tennessee thrash)
Ignorantmotherfucker (Columbus maniacs)
Silo (new local-ish band)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Varning From Montreal IV 11/4-11/6 2010

Preying Hands
Naughty Girls
Doors: 7pm Show: 8pm

Mob 47
Fear of Tomorrow
Fatal Flaw
Doors: 6:30pm Show: 7:30pm

Doors: 7pm Show: 8pm


Price info: 15$ advance 17$ at the door and 35$ for a 3 day pass. Through Paypal add 2$ per ticket so 17$ total and 3$ per pass so 38$ total and enter this email addres: coopkatacombes (at) hotmail (dot) com