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Zigyaku discography from DOLL magazine; March 2002 #175

Zigyaku 2002 discography

Click the image to see a larger version.

In celebration of my finally being able to see Judgement, I am putting up this visual discography page that appeared in the March 2002 issue of DOLL magazine. This accompanied a Zigyaku (Judgement's guitar player) interview as well. As many know, he was in blistering legendary bands such as Bastard, Judgement, Gudon, is the breakdown up to March 2002.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nashville roadtrip 2/28/09 - 3/1/09

A tale of record shopping and a brush with fame.

Kelly Pickler

I jumped at the chance when I found out that my good friend, Hisashi, would be in Nashville for a couple of days for work. I have only had the chance to see him once since he moved back to Japan in 2002. On February 28th, I hopped in the car alone (Amanda couldn't make it because she had a shit-load of school work dumped on her the week before finals) for a 7 hour trek to see my old friend. I should add, that I was driving a black PT Cruiser (imagine that, will you?), because I had to rent a car, since Amanda and I share only one vehicle. I wished that I brought some 80s ZZ Top CDs with me. Alas, a 7 hour barrage of crust-punk and speed metal MP3s would have to suffice.

Of course it was amazing to see him, things quickly felt like he never left. We didn't waste much time, after exchanging some records that we had brought for each other, he quickly pulled out his list of Nashville area record shops that he found on the internet and we headed out of his hotel.

Not knowing anyone that still lived in Nashville (most of them teleported to the punk retirement community known as Portland), it was pretty much going to be a crap-shoot on what kinds of record stores we would be able to find. As expected, most of them had a lot of rock and roll and indie rock. Of the 8 or so record stores that we went to, the first one was probably the best (I think it was called 'Great Escape?'). Sprinkled among the typical dollar-bin caliber rock LPs were remnants of the Nashville 80s and 90s hardcore punk scene. Sash (Hisashi) found a couple boxes of old zines from the mid to late 80s. They were $1 each, all different kinds of zines, from metal fanzines to straight edge to skate rock. It looked like most of them were unloaded by SST at one point because they all had letters in them addressing SST staff. Pretty cool...if I didn't already have a ton of shit in my house, I may have bought a bunch of them. I bought just one of the Ink Disease (#9) fanzines, mostly for the Metallica interview. It was kind of amusing browsing through one of the straight edge zines that had an interview with Field Day era Dag Nasty in which they were talking about how much cooler it was, now that they lived in Los Angeles...OOOOF. No wonder half of Field Day feels like you are sitting out on the back patio in white pants, in front of your in-ground pool (I do like a couple songs on this album). It was at this record store that I scored Warcollpse: Divine Intoxication and a Deuce LP.

Warcollapse, Deuce, Infezione LPs and zine

Now, I have lived for a while thinking that Warcollapse were another one of those boring 90s style crust punk bands until someone opened my eyes to the 1997 Divine Intoxication 12". FUCKING RAGING Swedish käng album, the drummer is kicking serious ass on this. I guess I had heard the wrong records? I was pumped to find this for $7.99.

I picked up the Deuce LP, released by O.P.M. Records, on a whim because the liner notes list this as fretboard ripper, Marty Friedman's (of Megadeth/Cacophony fame) first band, as a 15 year old with punk and NWOBHM influences. His first recording, to boot. Plus the liner notes also state, "This album you hold in your hands captures a moment in time. A moment when the Michelob was flowing, bongs were bubbling and Barbital was brewing." How could I go wrong?! Apparently, there were 500 pressed of this LP in 1995. The songs were recorded somewhere around 1980. For some reason, the one I picked up is numbered 4/10. Not sure why, it's not a test pressing...although there is a Marty Friedman autograph on the front (haha). The cover is a blank, white pocket sleeve with the art glued on the front and back. I need to listen to the record more, but upon my first listen, this actually sounds pretty good. Sash tells me that Marty Friedman lives in Japan now, and enjoys celebrity status. Good for him. He no longer has to look at Dave Mustaine's hot dog lips and he gets to chill in Japan.

The only other record score that either of us had that weekend, was that I found a copy of the Infezione: Oppressione Quotidiana 12" at an indie rock record store. Not sure why it was there. Released by Agipunk, I missed this one when it came out, somehow and holy shit, it rules. Ultra raw Italian hardcore demo from '86 put to vinyl. The drums sound INSANE. There is a nice article on the demo here.

Before I had to leave on Sunday, we took a stroll in the tourist area of Nashville, saw Kelly Pickler walk by us on the street, and took some of these fine pictures:

Sash & Elvis

Dennis & Elvis

Sash & ice cream

Dennis & ice cream

It was great seeing you, Sash, I hope the next time doesn't take as long!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

G.A.T.E.S: Total Death 12" review

G.A.T.E.S: Total Death LP

Label: Tardis (England) - Destard 009
Release date: February 2009
Quantity: 500?

Track list:
•Demon Crusade
•Night Howl
•Long Live The Evil

Metal Punk mutants from Japan, G.A.T.E.S, get their 2005 CD collection of the demo tape and split 12" with Metal Skull finally issued on vinyl. Nice looking picture disc with Baphomet hanging out having a good time (hmm, seems familiar). Looking at the matrix, the vinyl looks like it was pressed with GZ from the Czech Republic (the pressing of 500 is just a guess on my part). A good amount of people have been itching for the Total Death collection CD to see a vinyl release since the original formats are pretty hard to come by. No complaints on the translation of sound to vinyl of this low-fi motor-metal masterpiece. But don't get me wrong when I say "lo-fi"...this sounds dirty-- but great, even as the double bass maxes out the low end and mid frequencies on my stereo; exactly how it should sound, in my opinion. Brace yourself as the Motörhead and Tank worship comes to a head with a cover of Motörhead's Overkill, as the last cut. I love the simple outer sleeve, the back side is completely black and the inner sleeve has a great black and white collage featuring gasmasks, Hitler Jugend, and Marshall 4x12s. Check out the nice write up on G.A.T.E.S and the Metal Punk Death Squad on this Agipunk site.

G.A.T.E.S demo G.A.T.E.S: Total Death CD/LP G.A.T.E.S / Disclose split G.A.T.E.S / Bludwulf split G.A.T.E.S: Devastation LP (Recordshop Boy version) G.A.T.E.S: Devastation LP G.A.T.E.S: Bloodsucker EP

•Demo Tape (2003, self-released)
•Split 12" with Metal Skull
•Total Death CD (2005, compiles demo and split 12" tracks, Diwphalanx Records)
•Split 7" with Disclose (2005, Dan-Doh)
•Disclose split reissued on 10" (2007, Plague Bearer)
•Split 7" with Bludwulf (2007, High Society Satanic Records)
•Devastation 12" (2008, High Society Satanic Records)
•Bloodsucker EP (2008, ltd to 160, High Society Satanic Records)
•Total Death 12" reissue of CD (2009, Tardis)
•Split 7" with Burning Leather (2009, H:G Fact)
•Split 7" with Children Of Technology (2009, High Society Satanic Records)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Judgement set list Aug 17, 2008

The band that I am most excited for Chaos In Texas '09 is easily Japan's Judgement. In the mp3 age, this band is no longer a secret held dear to Japanese hardcore fanatics around the world. Most people with any taste, have at least a digital copy of the 4 devastating 7"s on H:G Fact. Last I heard, a vinyl version of the "Just Be..." CD ep will finally see the light of day, hopefully in time for the fest. It took me, along with others, a little time to warm up to the new line up and song writing on the "Just Be..." CD ep...but rest assured, the timing is right for Austin, Texas to be blasted in the face with whatever they throw at us. Above is a set list that my pal, Hisashi snagged at a Tokyo Judgement set on August 17, 2008 (Chelsea Memorial show).

No Reason Why ep Process ep Haunt In The Dark ep Night Brings ep Just Be... CD ep

•HG-070 Process 7" (1/97, gig only, H:G Fact)
•HG-071 No Reason Why 7" (12/96, H:G Fact)
•HG-085 Haunt In The Dark 7" (12/97, H:G Fact)
•HG-102 Night Brings 7" (11/98, H:G Fact)
•HG-127 Just Be... CD ep (9/00, H:G Fact)

**I'm not aware of any demos...if you are, get in touch!

2008 vinyl favorites

In no particular order.

[ :: 7" :: ]

favorite 2008 eps

Isterismo: Non Puo Sopprimere Il Mio Conflitto 7" (Overthrow//Japan)
Kriegshög: Hardcore Hell 7"/splits/tape (Hardcore Survives//Japan)
Bookburner 7" (16oh//USA)
Cop On Fire: Tus Ilusiones Hacen De Ti Un Iluso E.P. 7" (Barrage Of Salt//USA)
Brain Handle: Smiling/Smiling Again 7" (Iron Lung//USA)
Sotatila: Eepee 7" (Plague Bearer//Denmark - Kämäset Levyt//Finland)
Gasmask Terrör: Architects Of Death 7" (Flower Of Carnage//Japan)
Crude: Just Go Ahead 7" (H:G Fact//Japan)
NN 7" (Lengua Armada//USA)
Icon Gallery 7" (Dear Skull//USA)

[ :: 12" // 10" :: ]

Favorite 2008 lps

Rajoitus: Maailman Hautajainen 12" (Putrid Filth Conspiracy//Sweden)
Meanwhile: Reality Or Nothing 12" (Feral Ward//USA)
Ääritila: Ennen Huomista, Tänä Tuomiopäivänä... 12" (Feral Ward//USA)
Skitkids: Besöket Vid Krubban 12" (Room 101//USA)*
Gauze: Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte 12" (Prank//USA)*
Avskum: Uppror Underifrån 12" (Prank//USA)
Midnight: Farewell To Hell 10" (Nuclear War Now!//USA)
Slang: The Immortal Sin 12" (Schizophrenic//Canada)
The Assassinators: Sigt Efter Hjertet 12" (Alerta Antifascista//Germany)
Reality Crisis: Discharge Your Frustration 12" (Whisper In Darkness//USA)*
Lebenden Toten: Near Dark 12" (Wicked Witch//Netherlands)

*Includes CDs that didn't come out on vinyl until 2008.