Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Judgement set list Aug 17, 2008

The band that I am most excited for Chaos In Texas '09 is easily Japan's Judgement. In the mp3 age, this band is no longer a secret held dear to Japanese hardcore fanatics around the world. Most people with any taste, have at least a digital copy of the 4 devastating 7"s on H:G Fact. Last I heard, a vinyl version of the "Just Be..." CD ep will finally see the light of day, hopefully in time for the fest. It took me, along with others, a little time to warm up to the new line up and song writing on the "Just Be..." CD ep...but rest assured, the timing is right for Austin, Texas to be blasted in the face with whatever they throw at us. Above is a set list that my pal, Hisashi snagged at a Tokyo Judgement set on August 17, 2008 (Chelsea Memorial show).

No Reason Why ep Process ep Haunt In The Dark ep Night Brings ep Just Be... CD ep

•HG-070 Process 7" (1/97, gig only, H:G Fact)
•HG-071 No Reason Why 7" (12/96, H:G Fact)
•HG-085 Haunt In The Dark 7" (12/97, H:G Fact)
•HG-102 Night Brings 7" (11/98, H:G Fact)
•HG-127 Just Be... CD ep (9/00, H:G Fact)

**I'm not aware of any demos...if you are, get in touch!

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