Sunday, October 4, 2009

Can you spot the difference?

First one to get it right wins a free life under one tree release.

A collective effort! I like that!!
The answers:

Top pic: (from L to R)
THE MOB "Let the tribe increase" LP first press?
CROW "Last chaos" LP (Crow Recs. #0 1987)
ARMAGEDOM "Silencio funebre" LP (Absurd Rec. repress 2005)
JAWBREAKER "Unfun" LP first press. Cute
TRAGEDY "Nerve Damage" LP Silk screen cover.
SACRILEGE "Behind the realms of madness" LP (Pusmort)

Bottom pic:
THE MOB: 2nd or so pressing without the "Pay no more" on the back.
CROW: Overthrow repress 1994.
ARMAGEDOM: Real deal on Rainbow Recs.
JAWBREAKER: 2nd press. still cute
TRAGEDY: Gatefold sleeve
SACRILEGE: Children of revolution press.

There you have it!
You all get a big wet kiss from me next time I see you!


  1. Sacrilege LP is a different pressing!

    I have never seen this Mob record with a blue cover before... is it photoshopped?

  2. no photoshop! later pressing, i don't remember if that was a misprint or done on purpose, though. i'm sure sash knows!

    good catch luc... i don't know enough about jawbreaker to understand the difference in those Unfun lps.

  3. Haha I'm willing to bet those are different pressings of the Crow LP too, OG vs Overthrow repress, I know Sash has both...and Tragedy LP is tour version vs regular version I think....

    Good pictures.

    -Dan thelonelyrock

  4. good calls Dan, on both counts! The last question is the Armagedom lp...

  5. Well I suppose one is the original "Silencio Funebre" LP, the other one is the reissue from a few years back?

    I don't know anything about Jawbreaker either, could never get into that band.

    Dan, what's up? That was great to hang out with you in Osaka!!