Thursday, June 11, 2009


CLASSIC FUKKIN RAGER. I finally got this record on ebay. I have bid and failed multiple times. It is now in constant rotation. Released by Pusmort in the USA and Selfish in Japan circa 1987. It features GAUZE, OUTO, SYSTEMATIC DEATH and LIPCREAM!!! Every track is killing and the cover is a classic. Thrash Til Death definitely kick started my interest in Japanese HC. I first heard it in Rapid City in 1996 or 1997. Jason Wade had it and we drunkenly jammed it at the "house of shit" all the time along with his copy of the S.O.B./Napalm Death flexi and the SIEGE 7". Sorry kids, records just aren't this good anymore. Thanks Jason. Thanks Pushead.


  1. Aww, no uploads? just pure bragging?!?

  2. try google blog search: "thrash til death"
    its that easy.

  3. Hello Jorge, I am not sure if you are asking if his copy came with an insert or if this record, in general, comes with an insert.

    From how I understand it, the Japanese version on Selfish Records comes with an insert and the Pusmort version does not.

    If you are asking if his copy has one, I'll leave that up to Matt to answer!