Sunday, November 4, 2012

INFEST - Slave 12" OTD

I had this photo sitting on my desktop, might as well post it up on here. In the early 90s, I thought Miner was insane for buying this record at a NYC store for $20, I probably mocked him for it. It was the cool 2nd press blue/toothpaste version with blue on one side and the toothpaste color on the other. At that time, new HC LPs were $5, so $20 was kinda nuts. Years later, I was the one with the egg on my face, because I didn't own this record until the Draw Blank/Deep Six repress came out 14 years later.  >:(

Fast forward another 10 years, my sins having been paid/cleansed, I finally get the record. This is a nice little collage of an INFEST cosmic blast that all came together due to universal alignment. The poster was bought separately, this is the black vinyl version of the first pressing, I believe the mail order color vinyl versions only came with the poster.

Of course the shirt is not original (sorry, Joe D/Matt D) but I could not resist. I guess most people now know that INFEST is playing Maryland Death Fest and Chaos In Tejas this year (2013), better get in the merch line now.

By the late 90s, I had grown very tired of all the bands barking up INFEST's tree and failing miserably...but this band's greatness can not be denied! This LP should be in every household...kind of like a toaster oven. Beware the bootlegs, there were some made to look like the pressing you see here.

Go here for the ultimate INFEST maniac blog:

5 / 5 bells

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