Sunday, June 17, 2012

NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA 12", THE DECAY - Tonight, (Back From The Death) 7", FORWARD - Devil's Cradle 7"

NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA 12" (Svart//Finland)
Svart records strikes again with another nice Finnish punk reissue. Formed in 1977, you pretty much know what to expect if you are a fan of this time period in Finnish punk...catchy, well played rock and roll influenced punk along the lines of something like RATSIA. The band broke up in 1982 after a self released EP, but this was recorded in 1984. This comes in a gatefold sleeve and booklet full of great full color photos and a write up by a band member. People in the US can get this from Havoc or Feral Ward.

4 / 5 bells


THE DECAY - Tonight, (Back From The Death) 7" (General Speech//USA)
This is a re-release of this Swiss hardcore EP from 1985, except this time, this is a release of the original mix. As the story goes, this is the mix the band originally submitted but the pressing plant refused to press it as it was, so the band had to remix and submit a more tame version of the EP. 5 songs of raw, inept hardcore bliss that can be mailordered from General Speech. Check out the article about this band written on

4 / 5 bells


FORWARD - Devil's Cradle EP 7" (540//USA)
Bought this directly from 540 Records.
New 2 song 7" from Japan's FORWARD, out in time for Chaos In Tejas 2012, in which I regrettably did not attend. I am happy to report that this 7" shows a return to a form not seen since the While You Alive 12" EP. 100% absolutely raging Japanese hardcore on side A and then there is a new version of what is possibly the best Japanese hardcore song ever written on side B, "What's The Meaning Of Love," previously heard on the Hardcore Ball CD compilation and then later appeared on the Just Go Forward To Death 12" in 2000. The first version had a more raw and raging recording, while the 2nd version had better vocals and I dare say that this 3rd version is a perfect melding of the two. I really hope that this EP is foreshadowing on what's to come on FORWARD's new LP.

5 / 5 bells

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