Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TROUBLE - Manic Frustration 12"

TROUBLE - Manic Frustration 12"
(1992, Def American//UK)
I have always been a Psalm 9 and s/t (1990) LP kinda guy and had always dismissed any TROUBLE album after the 1990 LP as "not metal enough" or "too stoner rock." Obviously I was a moron and 20 years later, I am finally coming around. After some reflection upon TROUBLE's lackluster ex-vocalist Kory Clarke (of WARRIOR SOUL fame (fame?), took over after Eric Wagner parted ways with the band in 2008), I pretty much realized that any TROUBLE with Eric Wagner singing is good TROUBLE. Hell, I'll go ahead and say that I would probably like any heavy music with Eric Wagner singing. Apparently, Manic Frustration was one of TROUBLE's best selling albums (almost reaching 100,000), but due to the year it came out, the vinyl is hard as hell to come by, for the compact disc was a bebe in full swing.

This record is actually a good midway point between the s/t (1990) LP (my favorite TROUBLE LP) and Plastic Greenhead. The album is fairly upbeat and also has a little of a poppier feel (that I love) than the preceding album. Hands down, my favorite song on here is The Sleeper. It could probably fit nicely on the B side of the s/t LP next to Black Shapes Of Doom. It wasn't until Amanda and I saw TROUBLE (still with Wagner, thank goodness) in Cleveland and they played The Sleeper that I decided to check out Manic Frustration again. Thank you, Cleveland. 'Scuse Me is also a favorite due to the great lyrics that hearken back to SAINT VITUS's Born Too Late:

'Scuse me for the clothes I wear
'Scuse me how long is my hair
'Scuse me 'cause I'm being real
Ya may not like it but it's way I feel

Hallucinations man they're outta sight
Mirror is right you know but I still love you

'Scuse me for livin' in the past
'Scuse me when your fads don't last
'Scuse me 'cause I choose to be blind
Ya may not like it though you really don't mind

How can you not love that shit? GREAT album, glad to have finally tracked down the LP. After getting this, I thought "why not" and now I have the Plastic Greenhead and Simple Mind Condition LPs on they way as well. Much easier to get, especially since Plastic Greenhead didn't come out on LP at all, originally, so it came out on vinyl later. Fuck, I love this band so much that I would feel comfortable cutting anyone out of my circle of friends and acquaintances that would not be willing to get a TROUBLE related tattoo.

4.5 / 5 bells


  1. i give this run & simple mind 5 bells
    3.5 for plastic green
    the others get 100 bells

  2. Simple Mind Condition has really grown on me, I was lukewarm on it when I first heard it, but I love it now. Cool that it was recorded at Mars by Korecky, too.