Wednesday, May 23, 2012

KULTURKAMPF - Caught In An Evil Web Of Violence 12"

KULTURKAMPF - Caught In A Web Of Violence 12"
(Looney Tunes//England)
This U.K. anarcho band's discography LP was suggested by some friends. This compiles 2 demos and a live track from 1984. I was able to find this in the Social Napalm distro. I love these types of bands for their infectious melody and driving purpose (which is sorely lacking in today's punk & HC). This is a good quality reissue, the cover could be made of better material, but the songs themselves sound great, especially considering how old they are, it's not like they had this stuff digitally archived back then. If you're into bands like A Touch Of Hysteria or The Zounds, I would highly recommend this. The music and vocals may not be quite as well done as the afore-mentioned bands, but the spirit is still there, great stuff, thanks to Loony Tunes for putting out this obscure band's demo tracks for the rest of us to enjoy.

4 / 5 bells

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