Monday, April 4, 2011

Christian Mistress Demo 12" out now

Remixed and remastered demo put to 12" vinyl by Unseen Forces. Limited to 350, so act fast.

As if I haven't gushed enough about this band. The Agony & Opium 12" was one of my favorite releases of the year, you can bet that I have already ordered this.

Unseen Forces ordering info here.


  1. Man, I saw them a month ago out here. They were fun, but I really don't get all the hype. It's not just you, it's the whole scene and press too. Their singer is not good. She was even worse live. I just have this sneaking suspicion that many people would not have gotten so stoked on this band if they had a mediocre dude on the mic, present company excepted. The guitarists shred, but a lot of the riffs are recycled. And, I say again, they need a new vocalist. I mean, as tough as women have had it in the scene, I suppose they've earned the benefit of the doubt. But, I think it does a disservice to the true rippers for volks to act like every woman in a half decent band is killing it. - Rob (Metal)

  2. Hey Rob! I appreciate your thoughts on this and you're right, the riffs ARE recycled, you can pretty much sit there and point them out, "Ok there's the Mercyful Fate part from the Melissa LP, there's the Tank part, here is the Diamond Head part, etc. And yes, the vocalist is often flat and uses similar melodies throughout the whole album. Also, their sound is low fi and lacks punch at times and the drums are thin...etc etc.

    But you know what? All this stuff is what I love about the band. I don't want to hear some band playing "interesting" riffs and time signatures, but failing to kick ass (see Opeth). I don't want to hear overproduced metal (See 99% of heavy metal post 1992). I don't want to hear perfect vocals. I want to hear gritty, dirty, ass kicking rock and roll. This is a band playing classic styles of metal really well, and I love them for it!

  3. Well, we can always agree that Opeth sucks, though they somehow managed to walk away with every 2010 award in Terrorizer despite not releasing a record, shows what England knows.

    I don't mean CM is terrible by any means. Totally fun live, I guess I just don't think they are as "special" as most seem to. Solid. But, there is one song they played live from the demo that killed, fast one with some 0-3-6-5 action and double bass. It was better than the stuff on the 12", at least live. -Rob (Metal)