Tuesday, March 29, 2011

COKE BUST: Degradation E.P. review

Coke Bust - Degradation E.P. front

COKE BUST: Degradation E.P.
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label: Grave Mistake Records (GRAVE046, 2011) // www.gravemistakerecords.com

U.S. version of this 7" released by Grave Mistake. 6 blasts of smashing & grinding hardcore from Washington D.C. I am biased about this band because I have seen them live several times, but I think this E.P. does a great job representing Coke Bust's sound. USHC coming from a line of bands after Infest, No Comment, etc. It seems like I have grown up around bands like this, the sound is as American as the early 80s bands from D.C. that all worshipped the Bad Brains. I have to give respect to these guys for stubbornly sticking with this sound while it has become fashionable to take more influence from bands like Black Flag or The Swans. My hat's off to them.

Thankfully, there's no screwing around at all on the 6 songs of this record and there's a nice finishing touch with the heavy, mid-paced last cut, Deathbed. The lyrics don't really speak to me, as they are standard fare for this type of music, they just go in one eye and out the other for me. They cover personal and social issues that I would imagine most people expect. Even with that minor take back, this is an ass kicking record from a great band.

Coke Bust - Degradation E.P. back

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