Saturday, November 13, 2010



Wretched started playing around 1980 in Milan, Italy. To this day, this band's intensity and rawness is matched by few. "Chaos non musica" was never more appropriate- the vocals are maniacal and the drums just sound like they are falling apart. Their passion is also shown on their releases, the records come with multiple inserts filled with writings about music and politics. Italy's history is smacked with political upheaval, so the Anarchist writings should come as no surprise. I am not sure what caused these fellows to want to play the demented music akin to a building crumbling from the top down...maybe a reaction to Italy's progressive rock scene of 70s and the dire circumstances of the realities of their daily lives?

Most people that I know found out about this band through the great P.E.A.C.E. 2x12" compilation. I don't remember specifically, but I would imagine that Pushead wrote his fair share about them.

Unfortunately, this great band's records are difficult to find, so snatch up whatever you can get your hands on! I am not a fan of bootlegs, but I think there are probably some legitimate compilations or reissue CDs floating around (I have a comp tape in my distro with them on it right now...The Ripping Thrash tape, reissued by Social Napalm). Of course, there are mp3s around, I'm sure, for the 21st century p0nx. There isn't much that I can really say that hasn't been documented elsewhere, so enjoy these pieces of eye and ear candy!

Not sure if they have any demo recordings floating around out there, I would love to hear them, if so. Get in touch!!


Wretched / Indigesti split 7" (Autoproduzione, 1982)
Their material on this is probably their most insane sounding...I am still looking for a copy of this if anyone wants to unload! :)

In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto È Stato Fatto 7" (Autoproduzione, 1983)
Recently bootlegged, heard it was relatively well done, don't know if the band received anything from it. However, this EP is included on 'The Furious Years Of Italian Hardcore Punk' CD, issued in 1995, I think this was a legitimate release.

Finira Mai 7" (Autoproduzione, 1983)
Fantastic release, with classic artwork. The title translates roughly to 'Never Ending.'

Libero Di Vivere Libero Di Morire 12" LP (Chaos Produzioni, 1984)
Here, you hear them start to tighten up a bit, starting to lose their ramshackle feel, still great though. This is the last record before they start going for a more metal sound. The last two records, I don't own and haven't heard them in a long time, so I can't really comment on them. The insane rawness is gone, but I would think that it is unavoidable to an extent, after playing together for 6 years, you're natually going to get tighter as a band and be forced to evolve. I don't have these next ones, but would like to!

La Tua Morte Non Aspetta 12" (Chaos Produzioni, 1986)

In Controluce 7" (Chaos Produzioni, 1988)

Finally, enjoy this great video of Wretched playing in 1984. Catch the Motorhead riff in there, in between songs.


  1. Check out the In Controluce 7" when you get the chance. I was never too into the second 12", but that one is great. More melodic/punk-ish (not metal) than the older stuff, with great riffing and catchy choruses. The tune on side B is an unsung classic in my book.

  2. I will be sure to check it out....that actually sounds pretty good.