Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HJERTESTOP (Denmark) 2010 U.S. Tour

Hjertestop 2010 U.S. Tour

If you love that Copenhagen punk (Amdi Petersens Arme, No Hope For The Kids, Young Wasterners, etc), don't miss out! Here is another great K-town punk band coming through.

"Their new record, Musik For Dekadente Orer 7" will be available at all of the gigs in an edition of 200 with hand screened covers. Due to the first batch of test presses being rejected the full press won't be available until the tour is over, sorry. I'll have a full distro at every gig so come out and say hi. Up next on Fashionable Idiots will be a 12" from Cleveland's Folded Shirt, IQs will plummet!"
-Fashionable Idiots

Nov 01- Minneapolis, MN @ Memory Lanes w/ In Defence, Brain Tumors
Nov 03- Milwaukee, WI @ Y Not III w/ Nato Coles, Blue Diamond, Uh Oh, Reset Button
Nov 04- Chicago, IL @ Spider Skull Island w/ Manipulation, Kata Hatta 77, Acid Reflux, Canadian Rifle
Nov 05- Cleveland, OH @ Now Thats Class w/ Bill Bondsmen, Toxic Holocaust, Pigsticker
Nov 06- Albany, NY @ Valentines w/ Germ Attack, Anal Warhead
Nov 07- Cambridge, MA @ MN House w/ Male Nurses, Boston Strangler
Nov 07- Providence, RI @ Castlevania w/ White Load, Lifers, I Abor
Nov 08- Brooklyn, NY @ the Charleston w/ Nomos, Crazy Spirit, Secret Police
Nov 09- Brooklyn, NY @ the Acheron w/ Crazy Sprit, Night Birds, Cervix
Nov 10- New Brunswick, NJ @ Rock N Roll High School w/ Long Pigs, Secret Police, Loose Ends
Nov 11- Washington, DC @ La Casa w/ Coke Bust, Dry Spell, Copstabber
Nov 12- Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Mob 47, Direct Control, Black Age, Doomsday
Nov 13- Philadelphia, PA @ Gold Coast Lounge w/ Blood Bomber, Stockpile, Leather
Nov 14- Baltimore, MD @ Sonar w/ DRI, Triac, Deep Sleep, Women
Nov 16- Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 17- Columbus, OH @ Legion of Doom w/ Silo, Fratricide, Mugger
Nov 18- St Louis, MO
Nov 19- Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge w/ Mouth Breathers, the Freds
Nov 20- Minneapolis, MN @ Rathole w/ Getting Even, Scaphe, Much Worse


  1. stoked to play this show (I sing in fratricide)

  2. Great band, I hope people come out. I love their first ep.

    I think this will be another classic Columbus house show that people will talk about years later, like the Amdi Petersens Arme Legion show.