Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RID THE WORLD demo review

Label: The Sacrosanct Opuscule (USA)
Release Date: April 2009
Quantity: 100

Track List:
Guillotine Christ
Lapse In Intelligence
Never Left The Locker Room
Carbon Copied For Your Safety
Giving Up
Sick Combat

A lot of great bands get forgotten over the years but apparently not INFEST. The influence of INFEST on HC music seems to grow instead of wither as time goes on. When INFEST was around they didn't really fit in with any scene and went under the radar, Now INFEST seem to be one of the biggest influences in USHC. Much more so than the bands that overshadowed them during their existence in the late '80s and early '90s. At this point in 2009 there are lots of INFEST emulators, most of which i have not heard or wished I had not. I recently got the RID THE WORLD demo from Snake of TSO label who put this out. RID THE WORLD is a hardcore band from Cleveland, which is one of the best places for a hardcore band to be from. Killer TSO packaging in red and black. Good job guys. The logo and insert are direct rip offs from INFEST. Everything about the RID THE WORLD demo screams "I FUCKING LOVE INFEST", therefore I have high expectations. The intro is bad; some dude making jokes about religion, then the INFEST worship begins and RID THE WORLD deliver the goods! Kill the Peace! GO! The recording is good, the bass guitar is gross and should serve notice to "powerviolence" bands with weak bass sounds. You wussbags could learn from RID THE WORLD. The lyrics are topical/political and fucking pissed. I especially like the song about dog fighting, "Sick Combat". I'm also totally into the fact that 7 out of 7 songs have gratuitous use of the word "fuck". So hardcore Joe Denuzio would point and say "FUCK"! The last song, RTW has a slow part/breakdown that is so frickin' hard! Cleveland must quake every time they play it. It almost made me go out and get a crew cut. INFESTesque and fast HC lovers order this from TSO now. Shreds.


  1. Back in high school some friends and I had an idea about a militant vegan straight edge band that would take it all to 11...we'd have live animals in the band. Sure your band is hard but do they have a goat? F*ck no! We were going to be called Birkenstalker and our band's logo would have the Infest dude stomping heads in a pair of sandals. Sure wish we'd at least have tried!