Friday, April 10, 2009

THIN LIZZY-STILL DANGEROUS: Live at the Tower Theater Philadelphia 1977 LP review

So this is the legit Lp version the much booted THIN LIZZY live at the Tower Theater in Philly, 1977. This is Lizzy at their finest with the classic line up. So much has been said about THIN LIZZY, but i'll just say their influence in metal and hardcore punk is significant. These recordings are the raw alternative to the way-overdubbed classic "Live and Dangerous" double LP released back in 1978. "Still Dangerous" is only one LP, and it kicks off with "Soldier of Fortune" then along come all the hits LIZZY super fans groan over. I enjoyed listening but really theres only so many times you can hear the re-packaged "greatest hits" of any great classic rock outfit before you want to stick a screwdriver in your ear. Give the fans something substantially different from the original release! This package also includes a bonus "Bad Reputation/Emerald" 7" which is badass and should be sold on its own. It just makes me wonder why they didnt use rockers on the bootleg like "Johnny" "Warrior" or "Are You Ready"? Phil dedicates "Warrior" to the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, very cool but not included on this LP. After buying this LP from the great Lost Weekend record store in Columbus i took it home and realized it was warped terribly, The 7" even sounded like shit and THIN LIZZY's duel guitar genius sounded awful for the first time in my life. Looks like VH1 classic records shrink wrapped the LP too tight and the semi-flimsy vinyl warped. Anyway, just a warning to any possible buyers. Lost Weekend replaced it with a flat one no problem. BELLS OF DOOM VERDICT: buy this one if you are a LIZZY maniac. Everyone else get the O.G. used vinyl for cheap.
Label: VH1 Classics Records
Track List:
Soldier Of Fortune
Cowboy Song
Boys Are Back In Town
Dancing In The Moonlight
Opium Trail
Don’t Believe A Word
Baby Drives Me Crazy
Me And The Boys
bonus 7":
Bad Reputation/Emerald

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