Thursday, April 9, 2009


Label: Hells Headbangers
Track list:
Smoke of Death
Wish of Suffering
The End Here and Now
Exterminate the Parasite
Werewolves on Wheels
Pain in the Ass
Into the Bong
Asmodeus (By My Side)
Blessed with Catalepsy
Age of Disgrace
Bomb in the Womb
Vintage Addiction

Theres no way im passing up a band called DISHAMMER! I ordered it from Hells Headbangers on the Lake Erie shores of flame. Is this band from Spain?? I gotta testify: totally terrible cover all the way around. Lame black & white picture of a zombie w/ huge boobs on the front, Probably a still from some movie Lazer thinks i should like. (Also included is a huge poster of the album cover) Back cover is anal sex! Awful. Gatefold porn for $21.00?? Fukkin great! More pictures of dead people please. Ill take a stupid skull drawn by a comic nerd anytime. Im pleased to say the music fukkin destroys! Unrelenting d-beat with sikk vocals. DISHAMMER is not as Hellhammer or Discharge oriented as i expected. No 1/2 beats or that neeeeer sound that Tom G. does when leaves the last note of the riff hanging there. I really dont hear much of a Hellhammer influence at all. More of the vibe than straight up worship. DISHAMMER delivers a rock 'n' roll vibe similar to Darkthrone or G.A.T.E.S. but much more straightforward (less metal) than those bands. More along the lines of Skitsystem with a porn and ganja fetish. Hmmm, the last song on side 1 is suprisingly a bit metal. Random lyrics include "unholy semen of doom"and "come on motherfuckers", proving these are my type of face fukking heshbags. Also included is THE 13 COMMANDMENTS OF DISHAMMER which any real earthdog can get behind. To DISHAMMER we drink some distilled goat piss!!

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