Thursday, November 3, 2011

PITCHFORK SHOULD BE DESTROYED (...oh, and there's a new VOID LP)

Out now: VOID - Sessions 1981-83 LP
Available now from Dischord Records.


Killer demos, out takes and live tracks compiled for one of the best hardcore punk bands of all time. If you have never heard VOID, you should probably check out the split LP with FAITH first, but if you are a VOID fan, I would say this is essential. I just got my copy in the mail yesterday and immediately blasted it. Some more liner notes and a more classic looking cover would have been cool, but you will hear no more complaints from me, this is a great testament to these young lads lashing out in frustration in the early 80s. Hey, it was a time of Moral Majority scrutiny, fear of Nuclear Holocaust and Jams®; so there was a lot to be pissed about. It's really cool getting a nice sounding copy of early versions of these classic songs and some other shit that I haven't heard before. I still remember the first time I heard VOID, I was not ready for the unhinged, savage, clusterfuck that was about to smash my face with no impunity.

Oh, and some of you might get lucky and get a copy on red vinyl that seem to be randomly popping up.

Here is the Dischord description:
Sessions 1981-83 features 34 tracks including: 20 tracks recorded in November 1981 by Steve Carr at Hit and Run Studios (never before released); 10 tracks Recorded and Mixed in December 1981 at Inner Ear Studios (including the Flex Your Head cuts and the songs that ended up on the Condensed Flesh 7”); 2 tracks recorded in June 1982 at Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara (out-takes from the Faith/Void LP); 2 live tracks from 1983. The LP edition features a free MP3 download.


Fans of the band, do yourself a favor, and avoid reading this article at all costs. Unless you want to read some boring trype (the exact opposite of VOID) written by some MASTADON FAN talking about WAVVES, PRURIENT and JOHN COLTRANE for some reason. Seriously PITCHFORK, stick to hyping shitty indie records and leave the real shit alone:

The best part of the insert:

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  1. One strange but conspicuous absence was no mention of the 1981 Charred Remains* comp appearance. I'm not sure why Ian/Dischord would leave that out. Impressive stuff nonetheless.