Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kollapse Fest Aug 4-6 2011 (Richmond, VA) **CANCELED**

I was saddened to get an email with this news:

"It is with regret that I have to inform that Kollapse fest 2011 is cancelled. Alley Katz the venue it was to be held at has closed for the second time this year due to tax issues. The building has been seized by the landlord. A suitable replacement venue has not been found. The only venues that can host an event of comparable size are either booked, or charge substantially more than the rate Kollapse fest had with Alley Katz club owners. We apologize greatly for the inconvenience this may cause some, but this is truly out of our hands at this point. Bands please get in touch if you still wish to play a show in Richmond, VA around the dates, we can arrange something. Please contact us with any other thoughts and concerns. Hopefully the venue situation in the city will stabilize and we can resume the fest next year. Thanks to all those who planned to come out."

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