Sunday, September 26, 2010

GRAVE NEW WORLD "The last sanctuary" LP

My sources say this was one time pressing of 200. CD version also exist.


Back cover:

Check out the writing style used for the lyrics. Look familiar?


  1. amazing artwork. surely band is ripping.

  2. FUCK!!! I need this record so bad. One of my top wants... Somewhat related, the recent 解剖室 (Kaiboushitsu) LP on HG Fact is killer. Love it.

  3. Holy shit, what do they sound like? Can anybody send me in the direction of a sample or anything? That record looks so amazing

  4. I have the CD. It's not what you would expect. More space rock and prog than straight metal/punk/crust, though that does pop up here and there. don't drop a load of cash on it expecting it to sound like Crow...

  5. pretty much a mix between amebix,psychedelic shit but more nwobhm riffing wise and mixed vocals (by crow and the final bombs's lad i guess)occasion hc drumming and noise. i like it!