Monday, July 27, 2009

July Trip to Philadephia & NYC

Amanda and I went up to Philadelphia and NYC to hang out with our good buddy Josh. Saw some other good shit while we were at it.


We went to the Francis Bacon exhibit at the Metropolitan. Blew my mind, they had over 60 different pieces of his work. It was overwhelming to see that many of his pieces together at once. Fantastic and strange to see all these weirdos walking around looking at screaming Popes and people painted to look like bloody pieces of meat.

While we were trying to figure out our food options around Central Park, we heard this girl singing, like someone out of the musical, Annie. We looked around for a bit, confused, trying to figure out where this hideous, cute little voice was coming from. We then looked up and saw this girl sitting in front of her window, from the 5th floor (or so), just singing at the people down on the street. Bizarre.

We also went to the free Mission Of Burma / Fucked Up show. It was ok, and weird. I haven't seen Fucked Up since their 7" days, and they actually sounded pretty good, considering that it was outside, by the waterfront. Lots of ironic looking people walking around. Infuriating. Mission Of Burma sounded kind of shitty, but it was still cool to see them play, I guess.

Brian and I dicking around at the free show:
Brian & Dennis

After that, we went to the show that I was more exited for- Tragedy / Morne / Brain Handle / Blacklisted / Brainkiller. Like a dumb fuck, I was too late and missed Brainkiller. I really wanted to see them, their demo is great. Oh well. Brain Handle, Morne and Tragedy all destroyed. I was really pumped to finally see Morne...fucking crushing. I love the Filth Of Mankind records and obviously Grief rules, so this was highly anticipated for me after the great demo that Morne released. They did not disappoint.

Tragedy/Morne flyer

Brain Handle:
Brain Handle




Big thanks for Josh, Erica/Ariel and Amanda for a great trip.


  1. I'd love to see Morne -- love their records. They're only playing one show in France next month (in Paris of all places... yuck!) but that's when I'm in Japan. Oh well.

  2. Bummer you are going to miss them, Luc! But I am sure you are going to see some other great stuff in lucky dog (chien sale).

  3. Good to see Steegs is alive and well and owns the same shirts.